“Free” excercise timeĀ 

This week I’ve done all of my exercise “time free”.

I’ve not had to find any extra time this week to complete 20 miles of running, and 30 miles of cycling. 

At this time of year (winter) I normally walk to work. That’s 35 minutes each way. Everything below took only slightly longer, each way. 

  • Monday: ran to and from work, 11 miles. 
  • Tuesday: cycled to work and back, 15 miles.
  • Thursday: ran to work and back, 9 miles. Had guilt free lunch out, and a toasted tea cake in the office. Yum. 
  • Friday: cycled to work and back. 15 miles. 

If you’re a parent, or short on time, this technique could be a way of finding exercise time. 

I like running in winter, and the dark. But I’m not a big fan of cycling then. So this regime allows me to get good cycle miles in, in the daylight, before the work day begins. I can take the nice Brighton coastal bike path, or go over the South Downs via Devils Dyke. A challenging but rewarding ride. 

When running to and from work: I run with my clothes and lunch to the office. I have a jacket and shoes there. Then I run back without my bag, and get it he next day.