How to Get Back to Weight Training After a Break

For various reasons I’ve not been to the gym in weeks, probably 3 or 4 weeks. The hard work I put in at the beginning of the year feels faded. I’m moving house next week and need to be strong again.

So here’s a good quick way of getting back on form.

Week 1

Get back into the gym and train every body part in a single session. Use medium weights and only 2 sets of everything. Don’t push too hard or recovery will be too long. Superset to save time and keep cardio high. You should be done within an hour. The focus is to train every muscle and get them ready for the next session.

3 days later get back to the gym for a normal workout. Train fairly hard, nearly your normal effort. You’ll probably still be recovering.

If you do split training try to get all split days in the following days.  Reduce the splits into fewer days if necessary.

Don’t over do it!

Week 2

Get back to your normal routine. The first few sessions might be hard this week, but push through.

Week 3

You should be back to normal.


  1. Consume lots of protein. More than normal. Spread your consumption out during the day.
  2. Rest. Don’t over do it.
  3. Sleep well.

Back after 6 weeks off

After getting married and a lengthy honeymoon I’m back to my normal exercise regime.

I’ve done little exercise over the last 6 weeks, other half a dozen short runs, and the odd casual bike ride

I’m back in the gym today, and it feels tough.

Current winter plans include

  • Brighton Half Marathon in February
  • Increased strength training in the gym (I’ve been going once a week and taking it easy.  Looking to step this up a bit)
  • Long distance bike rides
  • A return to yoga after a decade off