Achieve more by planning your weekly sports

By planning your sports sessions at the beginning of the week, you can achieve more and make the most of the weather. Especially so in Winter. 

Each Sunday I check the weather forecast for the coming week, and plan my sports sessions throughout the week. This allows me to make the best of the weather, and get the most sessions in.

I have Mondays off work and normally have a run with Abs. 

Tuesday and Wednesday I normally cycle to work the long way. I normally take a 15 mile route, often taking a hilly route over the South Downs. 

On Wenedsay night Abs is often out so I do a long run of perhaps a cycle group ride. 

Thursday night I often meet friends for drinks and so there’s no sport. 

If I’ve been out on Thursday night I normally walk to work (35 mins), if not maybe a long cycle in. 

Saturday I work half a day and I’ll try and get a 3 hour ride in, or a long run in bad ducking weather. 

No sport on Sunday, except walking and maybe a swim. 

I aim to get to the gym 2 or 3 times a week. Sometimes I’ll run at lunchtimes. 

I try and get 1 short run and 1 long run per week

I try for 50+ miles per week of cycling. 

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